Hi Everyone,

Over the summer months we adopt a different rhythm as a community by building in some additional days of rest and alternative gatherings on Sundays in place of our usual Sunday Gathering. Below you will find all the dates and details for our gatherings through the rest of July and into August and September. 

In September we're looking forward to returning to our normal rhythm of gatherings every Sunday with a Table Sunday once a month. In September we are also looking forward to having our friend Alan Rose with us speaking (17th Sept) as well as beginning a new teaching series exploring our values and DNA as a community. I am really looking forward to this series and can't wait to unpack the things that make us Redeemer as we follow Christ in our city.

I trust over the summer months you all have opportunity to experience rest and rejuvenation. Our Redeemer Weekly Newsletter will continue to go out every week keeping you up to date on what's happening. If you have any questions about our gatherings during this period please don't hesitate to get in touch.

David Armstrong — (On Behalf of the Senior Leadership Team)

Sunday Dates